The copyright protects primarily creative achievements in literature, music, graphic arts as well as photography and film. Copyright can also play a role in the protection of product design. Computer programs (software), too, are subject to copyright. As a prerequisite for protection by copyright the works must reach a certain creative level. Unlike trademarks or patents, for example, copyrights are not filed in a register but arise out of their creation. Copyrights last for a period of 70 years after the originator’s death.

Our services

The range of services includes all issues of copyright and other related rights, software right, right of publication and the general copyright contract law. We are on hand to help and advice you throughout the process – from preparation of your work through to the commercial evaluation and enforcement your rights.

We offer for example:

  • Legal advice in the preliminary stages of accrual of protection, in particular when multiple parties are the originators
  • Drafting copyright licensing agreements, contracts of publication, sponsorship agreements and other user contracts for commercial exploitation of powers under the copyright
  • Asserting your interest in court and out of court when you are faced with copyright infringements and in case of a warning letter relating to copyright.

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