Insolvency Law

Insolvency is a complex matter that used to be governed by different acts (bankruptcy act, deed of arrangement act and collective enforcement act). But it was the Insolvency Act that provided a uniform codification of the insolvency law that is valid for the entire scope of the law.

The administrator is the key person of insolvency proceedings and acts as a neutral body. By taking over the procedural handling he/she performs a task that is in the public interest. At times the choice of an administrator is considered ”vital” for the proceedings. The administrator is appointed by the insolvency court.

Besides acting as administrator and trustee for insolvency courts we also represent the interests of creditors and debtors before and during insolvency.

Our services

  • Administration
  • Legal advice before insolvency
  • Re-organization of businesses
  • Legal advice to businesses and shareholders regarding a crisis
  • Legal advice in management liability matters
  • Representation of creditors
  • Advice to debtors
  • Acting as experts, giving expert opinions

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