Media law

Media law deals specifically with the question of how far media coverage may go without violating the rights of a person being subject of reporting. Media law issues usually crop up when freedom of the press (Art. 5 Basic Law) collides with the rights of privacy of the ”media victim” (Art. 1 and Art. 2 Basic Law).
When such collision of basic rights position occurs it is mainly about claims of the aggrieved party for refraining from reporting, counter statement, correction of incorrect statement and damages or compensation for personal suffering respectively. Even consequences under penal law for inadmissible reporting and provisions concerning administrative law may have to be observed in a given case.

In view of the fact that publications by media are often short notice, quick action is required to safeguard the rights of the parties involved.

Our services

  • Short-term review of coverage intended or already taken place for legal admissibility.
  • Asserting rights in court and out of court when violation of media law provisions is imminent or has occurred already.
  • Quick enforcement of legal positions by way of warning letters and/or temporary injunctions.
  • Effective defense of false claims.

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