Trademark Law

Trademarks are significant when it comes to the competition of products. Trademarks distinguish goods or services of a company from those of competitors. Effective trademark protection is not only essential for large corporations but increasingly also for small and medium-sized businesses. Violations of trademark rights are often punished by warning letters and temporary injunctions.

Your trademark is principally protected by the German trademark law and the Regulation on the Community Trademark. In addition there are international trademark agreements, such as the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks (MMA) and Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement (PMMA) that provide for an effective protection of your mark in practically all major industrial nations.

The trademark law is not only to protect the name of your products but also the name of your business. Particularly important from the commercial perspective is also the protection of work titles, for published products, for example.

Our services

We give advice on all trademark issues from the initial concept of your mark through to the launching of your product. If your trademark rights are infringed, we will represent you in court and out of court.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Reviewing your trademark concept and discussing your trademark strategy
  • Registering your trademark in Germany, Europe and abroad
  • Checking for any infringement of your trademark rights
  • safeguarding your interests in court and out of court in case of infringements and trademark-related warning letter.

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