Warning Letter

Those feeling their copyright or trademark rights have been violated, usually send the (alleged) violator a written warning. Such warning letters are also common practice when the competition law or media law is infringed. In terms of copyright such warnings are often sent because of downloads by so-called file sharing.
By sending the warning letter the recipient is usually requested to stop a certain behavior, made to sign a cease-and-desist declaration enforced by penalty, has to give information and pay damages.

The party sending the warning letter usually sets short time limits and threatens legal action if the warning is not observed.

For the recipient of a warning letter it is often vital to respond to it quickly and correctly.

Our services

If you got a warning letter, we can give you advice on your legal situation and represent you both in and out of court.

Our services include specifically:

  • Reviewing the warning letter and discussing the alternatives of action
  • Defending false claims in court and out of court.
  • Formulating modified cease-and-desist letters
  • Counter-warnings

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